Tuesday August 18, 2015


I'm always attracted to a floral print- on other people.  While I can easily wear big and bold florals, ironically, it's the smaller, more dainty and delicate micro-blooms that send me directly to "Little House On The Prairie."  But, time and time again this summer I've passed a fresh faced woman on the street wearing a soft floral blouse with white jeans or a cute sundress and thought, maybe just one more time...maybe I should give it one more go.  In my self challenge I've discovered a few tricks to modernizing this look.


If the floral print you choose looks "real," less abstract and more graphic, defined, literal florals you need to balance the print with something in the look that feels more modern.  My look is a great example because the print could be skewed as old.  In fact, it is!  It was designed in the early 1800's originally by William Kilburn, a botanical illustrator famous for recreating naturalistic flowers and plants in Europe.  One of my favorite museums from my time living in London is the V&A (Victoria and Albert), if you love fashion, textiles and history, it's beyond amazing.  British brand Oasis partnered with the V&A to go through all their old textile libraries and bring back some of the best florals in an exclusive collection.  The key to what they did is modernize the silhouettes these patterns are designed in.  The two piece midi skirt and tank are trending shapes in fashion right now.  (P.s. the top and skirt are under $150 for the look...the skirt is sold out in the US but is still available on their UK site.)  See the full collection here.

2) You're WEARing THE LOOK- not the other way around

I would give this advice about all looks you wear but it's especially important when you are wearing something that isn't second nature to you.  Chances are you won't take your regular style risks with a piece you aren't incredibly comfortable wearing so you need to consciously make sure there is some element of your look that gives it an edge.  I'm not talking about a stop and stare on the sidewalk edge, I'm talking about one element that shows your personality.  In my case I decided to add my bold style spin with a hint of metallic.  Gold block heel sandals and my favorite Karen Walker reflective sunglasses give florals from the past a futuristic spin.