Monday September 29, 2014

insider edit/ the super chic (under $80) leather skirt

It's hard to find inexpensive clothes that don't look- well, inexpensive.  As you get to know me, you'll soon learn amongst a host of other things that I have a huge soft spot for Louboutin heels, anything sequin, sriracha on everything and... Zara.  Granted the brand plays in every trend, so you do need to be your own best editor in their shops- but there are certain things that they do incredibly well and this season's faux leather is no exception.   So, on a Monday when all you want is a fabulous (guilt-free) distraction I'm serving you up this very cool (faux) leather pleated skirt.    I'm seeing cozy sweaters, leather midi skirts and ankle boots in your near future...  shop here