Monday October 27, 2014

How to pack like a fashion editor

Most people are surprised to find out I am a SERIAL overpacker.  Whether I'm going for a day or a month, I'll select the largest luggage allotted and fill it to the brim.  An extra belt here, just "one" more pair of shoes there...and suddenly we are looking at extensive overweight luggage fees and YET somehow upon arrival there always seemS to be that one elusive piece I'm still missing.  I recently revamped my packing strategy and travel changed dramatically.  advanced planning makes sure you don't leave your style to chance.  You actually don't need your entire closet or the "extra's" here and there to be at the top of your style game.  Emirates Airlines challenged me to decode a chic trip and what to bring ON A JETSET TO DUBAI.  the result?  quick tips to inspire your most stylish trip yet- Whether you're packing for a jaunt around the world, or just a long weekend.